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Ethos Vegan Kitchen Bar Ethos Vegan Kitchen has been in operation since December 2007. After operating for five years at our original location on North Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando we moved to our current location in Winter Park in July of 2012. Featuring healthy and hearty fare, we are one of Central Florida's few fully vegan restaurants. We also feature a selection of vegan beer and wine, plus vegan bakery items made from scratch on-site daily.

The intent of Ethos is as follows: 1) to improve the diversity of vegan cuisine offerings in the Central Florida area, 2) to provide good food at a reasonable price in a comfortable atmosphere, and, 3) to showcase the variety, freshness, and flavor of vegan dining.

Ethos Vegan Kitchen is indepently owned and operated, and we strive to be both a good neighbor and a good employer within our community.

our ethos
By definition, ethos means "the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution." We chose the name Ethos because it implies the ethical and moral nature of our beliefs about operating a socially responsible and environmentally aware business.

Socially Responsible Business
•Whenever possible, we work with local vendors who embrace their social and environmental responsibility to the community.
•We support local non-profits both through our 5% Day donation program »Info Packet (.zip/.pdf), and through direct donation.
•Whenever possible we source imported food items that are fair-trade, such as coffee and cocoa powder.
•Company-provided uniforms (t-shirts, hats) are sweat-shop free.

Socially Responsible Employer
•We are focused on creating and maintaining a safe, comfortable, and equitable workplace.
•We pay our employees hourly rates above the local market wage for similar positions.
•We have created an innovative and meaningful benefit package for our staff, which includes meal credits, paid time off, retirement savings plan with company match and an annual Staff Appreciation Picnic.

Environmentally Aware
•We prefer to source regionally-grown produce, and estimate that 75% of our produce is grown in the southeastern US.
•We prefer to source organic food items, and estimate that 50% of our menu ingredients are organic.
•We use heavy-duty durable tableware (china, glass and silver) which can be washed and reused; we also minimize use of disposables.
•Where possible, we use biodegradable takeout packaging, such as paper bags instead of plastic, paper bio-paks, and cardboard pizza boxes.
•We use a laundry service for aprons and towels, which minimizes use of paper disposables for cleaning.
•Where possible, we have selected paper products made from 100% recycled paper, most notably for paper bags, paper towels, printer paper, and toilet paper.
•Where possible, we use biodegradable soaps and cleaning products.
•Where possible, we use compact fluorescent light bulbs and LEDs instead of incandescents.
•Lighting in select areas of the restaurant is controlled by sensor, which means lights are on only when in use.

meet the owners
owners Husband and wife Kelly and Laina Shockley opened Ethos Vegan Kitchen in 2007. In addition to achieving our own financial and family goals, we are motivated by the satisfaction that comes with being a community-minded, environmentally aware, and socially responsible small business and employer.

Kelly Shockley, Chef and General Manager. With more than 20 years experience in the industry, and experience in every position from dish to Chef, Kelly is Ethos's Chef and operator. Kelly went vegan in 2002 and quickly recognized there was unmet demand in the restaurant marketplace for vegan cuisine. He began planning the menu for his own vegan restaurant almost immediately and his plan was realized in 2007 with the opening of Ethos. As the former operator of Orlando's "Vegan Hot Dog Cart", Kelly has been serving vegan food in Orlando for more than 15 years. When he's not at the restaurant, Kelly enjoys working on his car, baseball games, and sticking it to the man.
»View Kelly's Resume (.pdf).

Laina Shockley, Office Manager. What Laina lacked in hands-on restaurant experience, she made up for with business know-how, financial savvy, and a burning desire to read the small print. Laina's business background includes self-employment as a small business consultant and a Masters in Business Administration, plus an undergrad degree in Hospitality Management. Laina handles all back office functions of the restaurant, and is also the baker in the family, and the creator of Ethos' bakery concept and recipes. Laina is a stay at home Mom by day and also enjoys gardening, baking, knitting, reading, and playing card games and board games.
»View Laina's Resume (.pdf).

Kelly and Laina live downtown Orlando with their two small children and one big dog. All of the Shockleys enjoy traveling, the great outdoors, and making music together.

meet the staff
Ethos Vegan Kitchen Staff Appreciation Picnic 2018

join our team
To learn more about employment opportunities with Ethos, please visit our Employment page.